The Twitter for Emergencies: ALARRT Is Giving Power to the People

The Twitter for Emergencies: ALARRT Is Giving Power to the People

It's 2 a.m in the morning and you're trying to ward off insomnia by diving into a sea of content online, while snacking on something unholy.

Suddenly you hear screams in the distance, followed by gunshots. Your neighborhood is under attack by the infamous "unknown gunmen".

But that can't be right, you live in one of the safest neighborhoods in Nigeria's capital city. Or so you thought.

Ten to fifteen years ago, this scenario I've just described would be preposterous, to say the least. In today's Nigeria though…well, in today's Nigeria, no one is out of the reach of insurgents, bandits, or kidnappers.

It's not a grim tale. It's fact. Very recently, The president's convoy was attacked by gunmen who are yet to be apprehended.

If the nation's first citizen was so brazenly attacked, the rest of us are certainly, within the purview of the criminal elements.

What's the Promise of ALARRT?

Of course, the aim of this article isn't to drive more fear and despair into our hearts.

When the hunter learns to shoot without missing, the birds must learn to fly without perching right?

Although we find ourselves in a less than ideal situation, we aren't without hope and gumption.

More so, young Nigerians showed one another and the world, what we are truly capable of when we band together. The Endsars marches nationwide (and in some other parts of the world) were a testament to our unrelenting resolve and spirit of togetherness.

ALARRT embodies that spirit of oneness and thoughtfulness that came to light during the marches. It is a focused app that citizens can use to alert one another in emergency situations. You can think of it as a Twitter for emergencies.

A platform that is specific for emergency situations, ALARRT mitigates spam and spoof alerts via machine learning and intelligence augmentation. ALARRT is a digital neighborhood surveillance system, so to speak. It relies on the collective efforts of everyone to keep anyone safe. If you want to be safe, alert your neighbor.

The best time to put out a fire is when it’s in your neighbor's house. Because, by the time it gets to yours, it’s probably too late. A security threat to your neighbor is a threat to the entire neighborhood.

Nigeria still has quite a way to go in the areas of emergency response and security surveillance. With ALARRT, you can do more than tweet about an impending crisis. You can notify security personnel in your locality directly from the app. Because ALARRT is specifically for emergencies, notifications from the app are treated seriously by law enforcement and medical response teams.

ALARRT isn’t promising to reduce crime in Nigeria. Rather, we’re giving you the power of prompt information and a network of emergency responders at your fingertips.

The ALARRT app can also be used to report:

  • Medical emergencies
  • Car accidents
  • Domestic accidents
  • Cult activities
  • Suspicious activities in your neighborhood
  • And other emergencies

    Closing Thoughts

    We believe that ALARRT is a beacon of hope in Nigeria’s present grim reality. As the leaders of tomorrow, we cannot wait for the government to solve all our problems, we too can spearhead change in society when we are our brother’s keeper.

To learn more about ALARRT, visit our website. You can search for ALARRT on the Playstore now to join many people across the nation who are committed to keeping themselves and their loved ones safe through quick and trusted dissemination of life-saving information.